Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heartwarming Ear Warmer

My twin sister, Elisa, and niece Emily. Love them so much!
My beautiful niece, Emily, modeling her heart headband. :)
It’s almost Valentine’s Day! A good friend of mine, Sabrina, found this super cute heart headband pattern and sent it to me. When I looked at it, I thought it would be an easy pattern and a great Valentine’s gift for my sweet niece, Emily.

 I sent the link to my twin sister Elisa to see if she thought Emily would like it. Later on that day, Elisa told me when she showed the picture of the headband to Emily and asked if she would like one, Emily smiled and whispered, “Yeeeahhh.”  

With that enthusiastic go-ahead, I went out to JoAnn and bought Wool Ease Quick & Thick yarn in Poinsettia – I knew Emily would love the sparkly look of this thread! 

I already had some I Love this Yarn from Hobby Lobby in a white sparkle color, so I was set. Using the pattern Sabrina sent me (thanks for thinking of me, Sabrina!)  I made an adult sized one for my sister and the 5-10 year old size one for my niece. She isn’t quite 5 yet but I figured she’d grow into it.

I used a 10mm hook for both headbands.
The link to the pattern has both a crocheted and a knitted version. 

I love the sparkly look to this yarn!

The adult size headband before I added the border. 

For the adult size hat, I crocheted a total of 34 rows of the pattern back and forth. I stopped a little bit short of the recommended 16.5” because I wanted to create a single crochet border around the edge. 

Love the cleaner look the border adds to the headband!

I like the look of the border – it cleans it up a bit. So, after the 34 rows, I chained 1 and single crocheted around the entire headband, chaining 1 in each corner. 

Single crocheting the two edges of the headband together.

Then, I single crocheted the two edges of the headband together and turned it inside out to hide the seam.

Isn't she adorable?!

For my niece’s hat (5-10 yr sizing), I did 30 rows (stopping short of the recommended sizing) and single crocheted the border around just like I did for the larger size.

Making the heart using two strands of the white yarn.

Now, for the hearts. I used the white sparkled yarn for the larger heart. Because it was so much thinner than the Quick & Thick yarn, I doubled up the yarn and crocheted with two strands instead of one. I still used the 10mm hook and continued to follow the pattern exactly for the larger heart. 

The smaller one is done in the same red sparkly yarn as the main headband but I used a 9mm hook to make sure it was small enough to fit inside the larger heart. After crocheting the two hearts, I stitched them together with a yarn needle and then stitched it onto the headband.

My nephew, Adrian, wanted in on the action!

I barely had enough of the red yarn to make the two headbands and two smaller hearts – perfect use of the one skein I bought!

What a beautiful model Emily is! :)

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