Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crocheted craft basket

Have you ever needed a basket to hold all of those random things lying around the house. Diapers? Pacifiers? Stuffed animals? Lotion? Socks? Remote control? Bills? For me, it's a place to put my every growing stash of crochet stuff. If you are an avid crocheter/knitter, you know exactly what I mean. 

I went on the hunt for a cute crocheted basket that would hold some of my crochet hooks, yarn, thread, and buttons. I found this super cute pattern from one of my favorite blogs: All About Ami. Here is the link to her blog post about this pattern: http://www.allaboutami.com/post/29055442853/chunkybasket

If you aren’t subscribed to her blog (or mine!), you should get on those mailing lists. Good stuff. :) 

I started off with Lion brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn in Oatmeal. The pattern calls for using 2 strands of yarn at one time. You can do that either by using both ends of your skein at the same time or using 2 different skeins. I recommend using 2 skeins because you’ll need 2 to get through the pattern anyway. 

I used an 8mm size hook, which seems a little small for this chunky yarn (especially since it’s doubled up!) But, that is important because you want the stitches to be nice and tight. It was actually a little hard on my hands and wrists crocheting this basket because of the thicker yarn and smaller hook. 

To get the bottom of the basket to lay flat, the pattern calls for working in the back loops only. This creates a seam where the base ends and the body of the basket begins.

I like that the stitches vary from single crochets to half double crochets, creating an interesting look between the different rows. 

The handles are easy to make because it just involves skipping stitches and chaining.

This pattern is pretty easy to follow and works up pretty fast. And, it was filled with various crocheting tools and yarn within no time. As you can see, it’s already overflowing. I might need to crochet a few more of these if it is going to hold ALL my yarn. ;) 

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