Thursday, May 5, 2016

Teacher appreciation day

The best popcorn on the planet: Mallow Magic by Jolly Time!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week – parents, thank your teachers! That means child care providers, too! Remember, they are also teachers! Child care providers put so much love, time, energy, and passion into their jobs and are WAY underpaid. Make sure you let them know you appreciate all they do. My niece, Sydney, just loves her teachers. It's wonderful knowing my niece is in good hands. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

I hit up Pinterest for some ideas of how I could thank Sydney’s teachers. I decided to do a popcorn bar with some treats/goodies. I bought two different types of popcorn – regular butter and marshmallow (my favorite!). I got the cute printable popcorn shapes from this website:

For those of you who haven’t tried this super awesome marshmallow popcorn, you HAVE to. It’s not easy to find – Walmart didn’t have it but my local Hornbachers grocery store carries it. Jolly Time Mallow Magic is AMAZING!

It’s basically popcorn that comes with a little pouch of marshmallow gooey goodness that you pour over the top.

In addition, I bought a variety of different candy (some fruity, some chocolatey) to put on top of the popcorn. I bought orchard Skittles, Whopper malt balls, Junior mints, marshmallows, gummy bears, and peanut M&M’s.

I put the popcorn in some paper bags and the candy in some plastic cups. I also brought lunch size paper bags so teachers could scoop popcorn and candy into the individual bags. This is just one of many different ways you can show the teachers in your lives that you appreciate them!

Some yummy popcorn and sweet treats for some super sweet gals! 

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