Friday, November 6, 2015

You're the best teacher HANDS DOWN!

A fun relatively inexpensive way to say "Thank you!" to your favorite teachers

So, I think I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE to treat my niece Sydney's child care providers to little treats every now and then! I used to be a Lead teacher in the infant room at one of the YMCA Child Care Centers for many years and remember what it meant to feel appreciated. I want Sydney's teachers to feel the same way!

I created a "Favorite" sheet for each of the girls to fill out so I knew what their favorite scent, color, flower, food, restaurant, etc was. After all, if I'm going to give a gift, I want it to be something they will enjoy! So, armed with the list of their favorite scents, I headed to the local Bath and Body Works store and found some hand soap for each staff member. 

Now comes the fun part! I wanted to use a cute saying to put on the bottles. Of course, I am all about cheesy puns so I came up with, "You are the best teacher HANDS DOWN." Then, with Steph's help (Steph is Sydney's mom), we painted Sydney's hand and made some adorable hand prints.

 Because we used acrylic paint, I made sure to wash hands right away afterwards. Also, there was a strategic reason I wore my tie-dyed tee-shirt. If she managed to get paint on me, it wouldn't matter! :) Sydney was a trooper and let us get five adorable hand prints. 

Sydney did such a good job letting us paint her hand over and over and over!

After letting them dry, I cut them out and wrote out the cute saying that goes with it. I found some Christmas ribon and tied the handprints and quote onto each soap. I delivered them a few days later.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but I remember how much I appreciated even a simple "thank you," for taking care of someone's child. Little reminders that you are appreciated go a long way! Thank you Ann, Sierrah, Paige, Jordyn, and Janessa! The love you give to Sydney on a daily basis does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

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