Thursday, October 29, 2015

I love crocheting baby girl gifts! :)

Little Josie - isn't she just precious?!

Whenever I hear about a friend of mine expecting a baby girl, I get SUPER excited to start picking out fun crochet patterns, colors, and textures. Not to say that baby boys aren't fun to crochet for, but there is something about all those pink, purple, ruffly things that are so irresistible!

Close-up of the Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in Candied. 
I found some beautiful pastel colored roving yarn at Michaels. It is soft, washable and great for a crochet pattern like this V-stitch blanket. I like this pattern for a baby blanket because it has holes in it and, because of that, is more breathable. Also, babies tend to like to poke their little fingers in the holes. :)
The blanket almost done but kind-of naked looking without a border. 

The yarn I used for this blanket is Red Heart Unforgettable in Candied. I used this pattern found on the Lion Brand yarn website.  I can't quite remember how much yarn I used but I think I had to buy at least 2 balls of the Unforgettable yarn. I used a size K (6.5mm) hook.

Finished product! 

Upon finishing the blanket, I decided to look through my leftover yarn and find the right color/texture for a border. I found a nice light turquoise color from Hobby Lobby called I Love this Yarn. I used the picot edging pattern for the border, which is also written in the pattern. I like the little spike look and the turquoise border pulled all the colors together. I've always felt blankets look incomplete without a border. The border really does pull everything together. 

So, along with the blanket, I used up some leftover yarn to make a baby hat. I used Baby Bernat yarn in Little Petunias from JoAnn Fabric. It is SUPER soft and thick so it works up quickly. I love using this yarn for baby blankets as well. Plus, you can have a tiny bit of yarn leftover from a blanket and still have enough to make this adorable hat! 

Bernat Baby Blanket
Baby Bernat yarn in Little Petunias color scheme

I used an N (9 or 10mm hook will work) and used this pattern. After finishing the hat, I found a few different colored buttons and sewed them on. 

I found some adorable little turquoise Mary Jane shoes at Old Navy to complete the gift. Aren't little girl gifts so fun to give? 

Such pretty colors! Who WOULDN'T want to receive this for their brand  new baby girl?!

Even Josie likes the mesmerizing colors of this blanket! :)

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