Saturday, October 24, 2015

First attempt at crocheting a baby dress!

Close-up of the front of the dress.

I found a cute crocheted baby dress pattern and decided to be brave and try to make it. I used this pattern I found online. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Spring Brook and a size H hook. I usually don't like working with variegated colored yarn because if you crochet evenly, sometimes you end up getting into a pattern where all of one color is only on one side of the project. But, luckily, this shell stitch pattern doesn't get into a noticeable pattern with the colors. The pattern was surprisingly easy because it is done in one continuous piece instead of having to sew pieces together, like most crocheted clothing.

The back of the dress with functional purple buttons.

I was pleasantly surprised as to how it turned out! Once I was done crocheting and weaving in loose ends, it was time to pick out buttons. So many choices!!! I have jars and jars of buttons. My family knows how much I enjoy crocheting so they buy buttons at garage sales and thrift stores when they find a good price. I am SO thankful for that. I sorted through them to find some matching buttons. I usually take some time to sort through the buttons by color, too. It makes it easier to find what I'm looking for next time. I decided on some pearly white buttons as decoration on the front of the dress and some small purple ones on back to close the dress.

The finished product!

The dress is so tiny it could fit a doll! I forget how small babies start out! This one is made for a newborn to 3 months old. I would definitely want to put a onesie on underneath, but it would certainly be cute on a brand new little baby girl!

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