Sunday, October 18, 2015

A bright idea

My little light bulb treat containers ready to be delivered.
 A couple of child care providers in my area went through a program called Bright and Early. To achieve Step 2 required lots of work as well as passing an observation. When the programs I were working with achieved Step 2, I wanted to reward each of them with a little something. I found these adorable glass light bulb containers at Hobby Lobby. They have screw-on lids and just enough space to fit in some Reese's Pieces. After filling each one, I tied a little note on with curling ribbon. The note read, "You are an important 'piece' of our children's BRIGHT futures. Thank you for all you do." I made one for EACH person in the child care center. They all deserve praise because they are great at what they do and their job is so important!

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