Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ribbed Cowl Crochet Pattern

I have been itching to try a different crochet pattern with some new yarn! I found this fun new chunky yarn at JoAnn Fabrics the other day and HAD to buy it. The brand is buttercream and it comes in beautiful colors (I particularly liked this deep olive green).  It is 80% acrylic and 20% alpaca. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it yet but I figured divine inspiration would hit sooner or later.

After searching on my Pinterest board ( for a while, I settled on this fun ribbed cowl pattern. I have SO many patterns on my Pinterest board it becomes a bit overwhelming to look through and find patterns I haven't done before. That's what I get for being addicted to Pinterest. So many patterns, so little time.

Click Here to get to the pattern I used to create this cowl. I used a 10mm crochet hook. I love projects with chunky yarn! They have such unique texture to them and they work up so fast.

This pattern is super easy (great 
for beginners!) because it is all in single crochet. The only "tricky" part is learning to single crochet in the back loop only. That is what creates the ribbed look. The link I've provided for the pattern has a great picture that shows what crocheting in the back loop means. There are also great videos that describe how to do that on YouTube. Once you figure that part out, the rest is super easy! Just go back and forth until the cowl is as wide as you'd like it.

I kept to the pattern because I wanted it nice and long so that it could be doubled up around my neck. I used ALMOST two whole skeins of buttercream yarn (the leftover amount is what's in the picture of the yarn). After stitching the two ends together to create an infinity scarf and tying in loose ends, it was ready to wear!

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