Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Waffle weave crochet pattern

So, I LOVE the look of this basket weave crocheted baby blanket. It looks more like a knit pattern, but it is actually crocheted! It involves a couple of more advanced stitches, but once you get the hang of them, it is a piece of cake! 

I used Loops and Threads Charisma yarn from JoAnn Fabric. I’ve made this blanket a few times – the first time in Charcoal and the next time using Off White with a Dark Blue border.

 I like the Charisma yarn because it is thicker and works up fast, but is also soft and machine washable and dryable (super important qualities to have when making a baby blanket!) 

The hook suggested is an 8mm hook, but I only had a 9mm so I used that instead. I followed this pattern:

My friend, Jackie, sent me this picture (above right) of the blanket I made for her sweet baby boy Emmett. Doesn’t it look so cute hanging on the edge of the crib with the adorable sign above? For this blanket, I used 6 balls of Off White and 1 ball of Dark Blue for the border. 

I had learned how to do a front post double crochet and back post double crochet stitch when making some cute baby booties before, so I was familiar with the stitch. It is actually easier to do with thicker yarn and a bigger crochet hook, so this is a perfect pattern to learn how to do this stitch. Here is a link to a GREAT tutorial on how to do the front and back post double crochet stitch: Just remember that it is the front and back POST you are focusing on, not the loops. The post is the upright, vertical part of the stitch.

As you start working on this pattern, you won’t see the basket weave pattern right away. The pattern requires you to alternate every 4 rows. After 8 or 12 rows, you will start to see the pattern emerge. Keep in mind, you need to end your pattern on  a multiple of 4 so you don’t break the pattern halfway through.

In this picture, I purposely placed my foot next to the blanket 
so you can see the size of the baby blanket. 
Pretty pink toes, right? 

The little laminated sticky label in the corner is one of the coolest creations on the planet! It is a personalized label from NameBubbles that is washable and super sticky.  I love putting the label on it to remind the recipient that the gift was made with lots of love.

 If you are wondering if these labels are worth the money, let me tell you they absolutely are! I bought the laminated washable ones so that they will hold up in the wash. Here is the link to their website:  

I used to work at a child care center and one of the little boys in my room had a laminated sticker on his blanket. It was washed MANY MANY times and still looked brand new and still stuck to the material. Great way to label your child’s clothes or belongings so they don’t get lost at daycare.
Happy crafting everyone! :) 

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