Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fingerless gloves crochet pattern

Close-up of one of the fingerless gloves made with CARON Simply Soft in the color Sticks and Stones

Tis the season for really cold weather. I mean REALLY cold. This weekend, the temp is supposed to be around 20 degrees below zero, and the windchill 45 degrees below zero. Yikes. That’s enough to keep anyone inside. I think I’ll cozy up with my heated blanket and a cup of tea and crochet the day away. J

If you are looking for a good crochet project for a day like this, search no further! THIS PATTERN is a quick, fairly easy pattern that doesn’t use a lot of yarn. My older sister, Stacey, like me, is always cold. Her office area is often colder than she’d prefer so she requested that I make her a pair of fingerless gloves so she could wear them while she types. I found this pattern and decided to give it a try. I used CARON Simply Soft yarn in Spring Brook.

Supplies needed: 
CARON Simply Soft yarn (or another worsted weight yarn)

4.25mm or 4.5mm hook

4 buttons (if you are going to use them, aren't needed)

The unusual stitch in this pattern is the puff stitch. It takes a little practice to master but isn’t too difficult. HERE is a tutorial on how to do the puff stitch.   The biggest advice I can give you regarding this stitch is to not start off too tight when doing the first couple of loops on the hook. If you tend to crochet tight stitches (like me), you will have to loosen up your stitches a little bit in order for the hook to cleanly go through all of the loops. The video describes and shows that very nicely.
These fingerless gloves are made with CARON Simply Soft in the color Spring Brook

I made several alterations to the pattern. Since I did not have a 4.5mm hook, I used a 4.25mm hook. I also made the thumb holes bigger because I don't like feeling like it is cutting off circulation. In Row 5, where the thumb hole is made, I crocheted 6 chain stitches instead of 3. I also didn’t use buttons. So, in rows 4 and 8, I skipped the button holes. After Row 12, I single crocheted the two sides together to connect the piece into a cuff. 

Stacey liked the first pair I made for her so much that she requested another so she could keep one at home and one at work. The other color (brownish, pictured below) is called Sticks and Stones. They are both CARON Simply Soft. 

I liked using variegated yarn colors for this pattern because with the puff stitch, you don’t end up seeing a “pattern” of a certain color of yarn always being in a certain part of the project. The puff stitch uses up enough yarn in each stitch that you don’t end up with weird stretches of color in your project.

When you finish your fingerless gloves, put them on and use them to crochet your next project! J

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