Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crocheted bracelet

First initial ring and the next chaining section.

Ever since I started to crochet years ago, I’ve stuck to projects that use average size crochet hooks (around 5.5mm) or larger (10mm). A friend gave me a super tiny 2mm crochet hook and I have had it for years but never used it. I decided to change that! I bought some Aunt Lydia’s cotton yarn that is super skinny and uses a 2mm crochet hook. I found a FREE super cute bracelet pattern:

After buying some beautiful teal colored cotton thread from JoAnn Fabrics, I dug out my teeny tiny itty bitty 2mm hook and began to try out this pattern. Wow was it weird and HARD to do.  I felt clumsy – like I had too many fingers. I kinda felt like a giant. Not kidding.

Starting to get the hang of this pattern! :)

After I tried a couple chains and crochet stitches, I was ready to tackle the pattern. It was a little confusing at first and I had to rip it out a couple times before I got the hang of it.
After chaining 10, you always connect to the half circle that you just crocheted.
I ended up with a total of 13 half circles. You can crochet as many or as few as you like so that it will fit your wrist perfectly. 

Keep adding more semi-circles until it's the length you want! It's that simple!

After finishing the bracelet, it was time to find a button. I searched through my hundreds of buttons before I found one I really liked. It is brown and kinda rustic looking. 

I sewed it on by going through the loop in the back as well as all around the base of the button. 

Going through the button loop on the back to secure button.

Going around the button loop to secure button.

Just like that: Ta-da! Crocheted bracelet complete!


It was a little wrinkly so I decided to iron it out so it laid nicer on my wrist.
 Much better. Finished product! 

Next project – a crocheted necklace with the same cotton yarn AND tiny glass E-beads. First time I have tackled crocheting with beads! Look for that blog post down the road. :) 

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