Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Crocheted poncho

My adorable niece, Sydney, showing off her poncho. :)

It’s starting to get a little chilly out. Personally, I’m not complaining. I love the crisp cool air that comes with fall. I love the turning of the leaves. I love digging out my sweaters and boots. I love hot cocoa and snuggling under blankets. Can you tell fall is my favorite season? Too bad it’s so short in North Dakota. It usually doesn’t take long before the snow starts falling.

One of the new fashion trends for this fall includes ponchos. I wanted to try my hand at crocheting one and found the cutest pattern! 

Since the pattern is a bit small for me :), I decided to make it for my adorable niece, Sydney. The pattern is for older infants and younger toddlers. I adjusted the pattern slightly to fit her perfectly. 
This is a free pattern on the Lion brand website: https://www.lionbrand.com/crochet-pattern-baby-poncho-4.html

The pattern uses Lion brand Homespun yarn. I loved the beautiful gray and white neutral color called Clouds. 

It will go with anything yet has a slight variation with the two colors blending together. The yarn is super soft and fuzzy and machine washable and dryable – a must for toddlers!

I used a 9mm crochet hook and chained the first ones loosely like it is stated in the pattern.

I got by with only one skein of yarn but didn’t have much left and I only did 11 rounds instead of the 13 that is needed for the 2-3 yr old size. 

The end of Round One.

 My niece is 20 months old so I didn't need the extra couple of rounds for the larger size. If you are doing to do the 2-3 yr size, you will probably need 2 skeins of yarn.

You can start to see the corners forming.
Love the cozy look and
feel of this yarn!

Honestly, this poncho took me two days to finish, and that’s with a lot of other things going on in my busy schedule. With a large crochet hook and lots of double crochets worked into clusters, it works up quite fast.

I was a little worried that the finished product wouldn’t fit over my niece’s head but it fit perfectly. 

Close-up of the double crochet clusters. 

In fact, if I had crocheted it any looser, it would fall off her shoulders. If I had done the smaller infant size, I think I would have crocheted the initial chain a little tighter. 

Almost done with the body part of the poncho. Now would be a good time to start trying it on to see how long you want it.
The poncho part is finished - just the neck part is left!
Finished product!

Have fun jumping in a pile of leaves and sipping your hot cocoa! Stay tuned for a matching adult sized poncho pattern!

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