Thursday, October 20, 2016

Triangular scarf with fringes

I love trying out new scarf and cowl patterns – they are so fun to wear in the fall and winter!

I have been wanting to crochet a triangular shaped scarf for a while now and found a super cute pattern that only used one skein of yarn. Gotta love that! If you’re anything like me, you have SO many skeins of yarn laying around just asking to be picked up and turned into something beautiful!

I particularly liked the look of this pattern because it was so airy – lots of holes! It is so light that it doesn’t add a ton of warmth or weight, so it is perfect for a nice cool fall day.

I found the pattern on Pinterest and Ravelry. Although it was a little confusing to get going, once you get it figured out, it works up quickly. 

I really liked the added pictures in the pattern that helped show the beginning couple of rows – that helped me a lot!

The entire pattern is worked in triple crochet stitches. That’s what makes the nice tall stitches. The chains in-between give the spaces between the stitches, creating a nice light and airy scarf.

I used an 8mm hook and the Red Heart soft yarn in a creamy color (no dye lot or color name).

Once I was done crocheting the scarf, I had to decide if I wanted tassels on the 3 corners or fringes all the way around. 

First, I tried the tassel look but I wasn’t really in love with it. I took them off and decided to go with a fringe look instead.

To make the fringes, cut an 8 inch strip of yarn for each of your holes all the way around.

Fold the yarn in half and take the looped end and put it under the edge of one of your holes. Then, pull the two ends up and through that loop. The pictures below show the two-step process.

Center the fringe so it’s in the middle of that section of yarn and then pull tight to secure. Make sure you stay consistent with which side is facing up as you are doing the fringes – they look slightly different from side to side. 

Ta-da! Super excited for my newest scarf! It can even be used as a shawl. So, dig a skein out of your yarn stash and get going on this fun pattern - it won't take long! :)
If you liked this pattern, follow my Pinterest crochet board for more awesome patterns!

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